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Moura Stock Dogs Incentive
$15,000 in payouts in 2022!


Moura Stock Dogs Incentive

Incentives to be paid out at the 2022 NCA National Finals, the 2022 Rodear America Finals and the 2022 SWCDA Futurity.

2022 NCA National Finals – paying 3 places:

Highest placing – 1st - $2,500, 2nd – $1,500, 3rd – $1,000

2022 Rodear America Finals – paying 3 places:

Highest placing – 1st - $2,500, 2nd – $1,500, 3rd – $1,000

2022 SWCDA Futurity – paying 3 places:

Highest placing – 1st - $2,500, 2nd – $1,500, 3rd – $1,000

Incentive Rules:

The Incentive is a privilege which Moura Stock Dogs has the right to cancel at their own discretion. 

Starting in 2021 dogs out of Moura stock Dogs breeding program and dogs purchased from Moura Stock Dogs are eligible for the Incentive under the condition that they hold a current incentive certificate.

Dogs born or purchased prior to 2021 or who does not hold a current incentive certificate can apply for an incentive certificate for a fee of $1,000. 

Dogs sired by Moura Stock Dogs' stud dogs are eligible for the incentive under the condition that the owner of the dam at the time of breeding submits an Incentive application for the litter within 6 months of their birth. 

Your incentive certificate will be cancelled in the following circumstances:

  1. Failure to use the dog's registered name when signing up to a trial or show. Example: A dog registered with the name "Moura's Red" may not be signed up as only "Red".

  2. Mistreatment of a dog

Dogs with current Incentive Certificates are eligible for the incentives. The pay-outs will be according to the list above. In the case of a tie the incentive money will be split equally. Incentive money will be paid to the owner at time of showing. The three highest placed dogs out of Moura Stock Dogs breeding program at each of the listed shows below will receive pay-outs.

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